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About Us
Aircraft Brokerage Services:
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If you would like to list your plane with us, please click here in order to download an aircraft inquiry questionnaire. The information you provide will allow us to provide you with a very accurate assessment of your plane:
Marketing Methodology and Philosophy

What does it mean to be a Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC client? 

It means having confidence and peace-of-mind, knowing we are bringing our experience, commitment, life-long relationships, and every available resource to bear in an organized and systematic approach dedicated to effecting the satisfactory sale of your aircraft.

In addition to our experience with domestic sales, Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC is equally versed in the international markets. We’re experienced in negotiating the often bewildering regulatory hurdles. Certification requirements, Certificates of Airworthiness for Export, JAR-OPS/EASA compliance, international regulations - our global expertise means that we can and will extend the appeal of your aircraft to all corners of the world.  

These are the most dynamic and peculiar times in anyone’s memory. It’s no longer a ‘seller’s market.’ Adaptation and market familiarity are essential skills today. And in a market where a buyer has choices and where all else might be equal, buyers – more than ever – are choosing to do business with the people with whom they feel most comfortable.

How will Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC go about selling your plane? Here's an overview:

Initial Market Analysis:

Prior to the formalization of any agreement(s), our experiences have shown that in order to develop the best and most successful relationship with our clients, it’s critical to start with the fundamentals. We want to make sure that we have an excellent mutual understanding of your aircraft. Many times, an owner’s perspective and perception of their aircraft will be at considerable variance with the broker’s – and without either realizing it. This is analogous to building a good home on a bad foundation. In order to prevent that – and prior to any agreements - we will gather critical information from you from which we will prepare a Market Analysis specific to your aircraft. Our analysis will be based on both current and projected market conditions. Anticipating market conditions is difficult but fundamentally important to the overall success of the marketing of your plane - and it’s also where Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC excels. We’ll share our findings with you and ask you for your frank perception of your aircraft. We want to ensure that our perceptions are the same, enabling us to form a cohesive team working from the same page to achieve the same goal – the satisfactory sale of your aircraft. And frankly, the most important factor affecting the sale of a plane today is price. 

Internet Advertising:

Today, the Internet is everyone’s real source for aviation information and if you’re not there, you’re simply not in the game. Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC takes maximum advantage of every possible resource on the Internet that demonstrates even moderate traffic. If someone is looking for a plane, we make sure that they are going to find yours – nearly instantly. In a few keystrokes - from any Internet accessible computer in the world - they are going to have available to them the photos, description, specifications, and contact information – now. And the information we make available through these websites is exceptionally well prepared and presented. In what can be a ‘crowded field,’ we make sure your plane is going to stand out.

Website Advertising:

There are dozens of websites that exhibit aircraft for sale, but essentially there are only a few that manage to capture the lion’s share of traffic. We know which they are and your plane will be featured on all of them.

Internet ‘Mass Email’ Broadcast Services:

Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC has exceptional working relationships with the largest and most effective ‘for hire’ aviation email broadcast services in the industry. These companies do an exceptional job of working with us to produce unique, one-page, promotional full color ‘brochures’ dedicated specifically to your aircraft. We produce email brochures that ‘grab’ a recipient’s attention. They bear our unique corporate ‘branding’ that is well recognized and respected in the industry and they contain the best photos of your plane along with all the critical specifications. These are sent to over 50,000 individuals in the aviation industry.  

The Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC Internal Email Broadcasts:

Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC maintains our own email database that consists of thousands of aircraft owners, brokers, dealers, financiers, charter operators, management companies, and pilots. Specific to your aircraft, we will build and send a customized email broadcast to thousands that might have in interest in your aircraft. These targeted recipients will receive a beautiful ‘one page’ full color summary of your aircraft with photographs. Anyone with any interest will be able to contact us with just a click.  

Aviation Industry Professional Aircraft Databases:

Your plane will be immediately loaded into the two key ‘industry standard’ aviation databases:  

• Amstat
• JetNet
• Controller

These databases are critical in the aviation industry are subscribed to and relied upon by every dealer and broker in the world. They provide us with the opportunity to ‘tell the aviation world’ that your aircraft is for sale. When full advantage is taken of the databases – and it often isn’t – it can provide an exceptional marketing tool. We will not only arrange to have the services show that your aircraft as ‘available,’ we will also provide the services with exceptional photographs of your plane that they will post with very good resolution. Additionally, we will arrange that all the current and accurate specifications for your aircraft are associated with the listing. These will include a very detailed listing of all the avionics, the maintenance history, interior configuration, optional equipment installed, certifications, exceptional features, interior and exterior details, and aircraft history. From these databases, anyone with any interest in your aircraft will be able to contact us with the click of a mouse from anywhere in the world.

Advertising & Photography:

It is simply a fact that photographs can make or break the sale of an aircraft. Professional aviation photographers are truly artists. Unless otherwise arranged, Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC will schedule and manage the critical step of having professional photographs taken of your plane. We are devoted to ensuring that the photographs representing your aircraft are the finest possible. They must - and will - communicate the genuine worth and beauty of your plane to any prospective buyer. We accomplish this though the use of professional photographers that specialize in the art of aviation photography. In most cases, Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC will be responsible for the expenses incurred in having these photographs taken and Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC pays for all advertising. This is just another example of the exceptionally high level of service you will receive from Silver Hawk Aviation, LLC.  

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